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My Maine Coon Kitty

What up houses, homes, places of living? Homies! You are in for a treat today, we are going to talk about my next cat! His name will be Rabies. (so we can say we have rabies in the house) We are going to take him on walks and let him sleep with me on myContinue reading “My Maine Coon Kitty”


Sup guys this is the ASK DRAGONHEAD! post if you comment in the comment section a question you want to ask or get something of your chest i will be happy to answer!

Shout-out video game post

Hey guys its Dragonhead today we are going to talk about Dragonhead’s fave game of the month! and that game is… Dragonicle!! The game really reminds me of Dragon raja which is very fun and the graphics are AMAZING!! so guys that sa a wrap and comment on what game is worthy for my nextContinue reading “Shout-out video game post”

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